MIZAR FM Stereo 1000 watt Radio Transmitter PRET: 4892 EU – Curs lei BNR

MIZAR FM Stereo Radio Transmitter.
Putere 1000 watt
Marca: Mizar Elettronika



  • Availability of  1kW (3U)  with extremely
    simplified wiring
  • Repeatability of the performances,
    guaranteed by the completely
    mechanized assembling
  • Good values of distortion and high S/N ratio
  • Analogic telemetry signals available on Db9
  • RS232 (or RS485) connection for
    remote control
  • Automatic output power level control
  • Control of all the functions via 2Rx16C
  • All the final stages with MOSFET technology
  • A Stereo Coder can be integrated
    in the cabinet
The MIZAR FM Stereo Radio Transmitter is a reference point for the global market of FM Transmitters.
The display on the front panel can indicate and change frequency, frequency step, forward and reflected power, amplifier temperature, modulation level, alarms level, emphasis and remote enable.
The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for MPX output from internal stereo coder (if option is present), BNC for MPX input, 2 BNC for SCA operation. There is also a DB9 for wired external control and a DB9 for serial RS232 or RS485 (internally selectable) remote control.
As far as audio performances are concerned, only one world is needed: “transparent”.
With a signal-to-noise ratio of 80dB,
the whole dynamic of the modern digital audio sources are reproduced with high fidelity.
With a crosstalk of 60dB (with stereo option) there is no chance to “misunderstand” the source of the signals.
The RF output is via an N type socket. Main input is via an EMI filtered IEC power connector.
The power amplifier is based modern MOSFET device.
A fresh air tunnel through the transmitter keeps cool air running right through the heatsink.
The amplifier is protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (SWR) monitoring.
The switching type power supply automatically adapts itself to any input voltage from 80 to 260V.

PRET: 4892 EU – Curs lei BNR

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